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Slovenia… Exploring Lake Bled

04/09/2023 – 07/09/2023

A new country! Slovenia!!

We left Austria, and in my last post I left you in Kranjska Gora, just over the border in Slovenia. It is a ski resort / adventure town, and we were just there as a nice rest stop, soak up the mountains, before heading off to our main destination Lake Bled.

Even though Kranjska Gora and Bled are relatively close, we went the LONG WINDY way, enjoying the Vrsic Pass and Soca Valley. A super windy drive, it was utterly breathtaking for long stretches.

We ended at Lake Bled where we spent the next few days. Most of our time was walking/hiking… around the lake, to the Castle, on the boat out to the island, and also to the Vintgar Gorge. Oh, there was also kremšnita, the Bled cream cake 😛






























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