As well as being a researcher, I am also an enthusiastic research supervisor. I am involved in supervising students in my research areas, especially PhD students. Here you can see a little more about current supervisions, completed PhD’s and also projects on which I may be willing to consider new research students


Current Supervisions:

I am currently supervising a number of PhD, Masters, and Honours students. Below is a summary of my current students and their topics:

  • Facilitating collaborative learning in the context of large-scale shared digital spaces (PhD)
  • Exploration of motivation and self-regulated learning processes in blended learning environments (PhD)
  • Learning Partner Recommender Systems: Learning Analytics in promoting informal online learning communities in higher education (PhD)
  • Use of Game Design and Games Technology for Teaching Historical Content (Practice-based PhD)
  • Investigating the use of VR Technology for Pre-Navigation Orientation and Mobility Training for People with a Vision Impairment (Minor Thesis)



I also have had a number of supervised students complete, including 1 PhD student, 4 Masters, and over 20 Honours students. Below is a summary of the PhD completions:

  • Investigating a shared co-located digital collaborative space for learning entity-relationship diagrams (2014)


Potential Student Research Supervision Projects:

Currently I am at capacity for supervision, so am only willing to consider PhD research proposals relating to the use of new technologies in the provision of Accessible Graphics.