My main area of research explores the use of new technologies to improve access to graphical information for those who are blind or low vision. This includes 3D printing, low-cost electronics, and other emerging technologies. I also continue to undertake some research in the area of Computing Education.

I undertake this work as part of a several research groups within the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash Monash University. I am a member of the Computer Human Interaction & Creativity (CHIC) discipline group, in particular working within the Inclusive Technology and SensiLab subgroups. Please be sure to look at all the work that these groups are working on!

As part of these research groups, I am currently working on three main projects:

  1. Accessible Graphics for the Vision Impaired Community
  2. Virtual Reality for the Blind and Low Vision Community
  3. Examining the First Year Information Technology student experience

You can also find a list of select recent publications here.

I am also currently supervising a number of research students, whose work you can read about here.