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09/05/2023 and 11/05/2023


So Eurovision has always been a bucket list event. But we always knew it would be difficult… getting the timing, location and importantly tickets all lined up seemed a bit of an impossible task. When I knew I would be in Europe for work, and it was in the UK, things were starting to look promising. So the final bit was tickets.

A few months ago we got in virtual queues with over 100,000 people and scored tickets for Semi 1 and Semi 2, so it was all on! Aaaahhhh!

We actually went to the final previews of Semi 1 and 2, not the live shows. The live shows are notoriously difficult to get tickets for, and so we opted to try for preview shows to increase our chances, and it paid off. We didn’t get tickets for the final, but this was pretty amazing.

So how was it? Such an amazing and surreal experience. Seeing the acts live was incredible, especially Finland, Austria, Australia and Loreen from Sweden. But it was weird to see all the behind the scenes parts that you don’t see…. the stage changes, the crew running around, cameras, and the hosts. Then to watch on TV was very surreal!

Here is a bunch of snaps of the acts and people we met. They will never capture what it’s like to be there, but it hopefully gives an idea!



































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  1. Mike
    May 14, 2023 at 2:05 am

    Amazing! Austria were robbed.


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