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Diane, I’m Entering the Town of Twin Peaks…


I can’t believe it finally happened. After 30+ years and 3 visits to Seattle I was finally able to visit places indelibly etched into my brain.

I was a HUGE Twin Peaks nut back in the day. Still am I guess. If I am ever asked then ithout hesitation I will name it as the greatest TV show of all time. Like the rest of the world I was sucked into that dark and mysterious world, and the reality is I never left.

So with a bit longer here in Seattle this time I was determined to make it happen. Thanks to the internet I could locate most key places, and so I was just going to hire a car for the day and visit. Logistically that ws working out to be a bit of a pain, and so with more thanks to the internet I found David who runs dedicated tours ( I figured what the hey, why not let someone who knows their thing guide me, so with ease I organised my tour.

From the outset David was a gem. We met downtown where he was resplendent in black FBI suit, and he was the right mix of professional guide, but Twin Peaks nerd. From there is was 4 hours of visiting key Twin Peaks locations all the while listening to soundtrack tunes and getting peppered with trivia questions. I did pretty well, so he started hitting me with the real hard questions and then it was all over!

All the locations were about 30 minutes east of Seattle, in either Snoqualmie or North Bend. So here we go, enjoy the trip through Twin Peaks 🙂

1. Laura and Donna Picnic Spot (also a scene of James on a motorcycle brooding ha ha)



2. RR Diner!!!









3. The “Ronette Pulaski” Bridge






4. The actual “Twin Peaks”



5. Welcome to Twin Peaks!!!





6. Sheriff’s Department




7. Shelley and Leo’s House



8. The Big Log from the opening credits



9. Murder Traincar



10. Great Northern and Snoqualmie Falls!!!






11. The Roadhouse




12. Ed and Nadine’s House


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