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Okonomyaki… Hiroshima Style



Today was a long day, but a fun one. It was an early morning on to the Shinkansen heading further south to Hiroshima.

After arriving at Hiroshima Station it was on to another train and then down to the ferry terminal, to head across to Miyajima Island. We were keen to go back an introduce Madeline to more deer, cookies, oysters, and floating torii gates.

















After spending quite a few hours there wandering, eating, ropeways up the mountain, we headed back on the ferry and went into the centre of Hiroshima. We visited wandered past the castle, and made our way to the Peace Park, which always has a sombre air about it. But after that it was okonomyaki time! Hiroshima style is the best, with less batter, and noodles in there, which makes for even next level deliciousness.














A smooth run home and we were back in town to wind down for the night.

Oh, you are probably noticing a lack of Kit Kat mentions. Weird given the name of the blog right? Well, alas dear readers, there are VERY FEW Kit Kats around, let alone weird flavours. I will keep looking but I think does days are numbered…. 🙁

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