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Mata Ne Nippon



A catchup post to finish off our Japan trip.






The last couple of days were relatively chill. The Thursday was just about getting out and doing a little more wandering and shopping in Tokyo. We mostly spent time in Akihabara, exploring the toys and pop culture.





As the sun went down we went to visit some more Christmas lights, this time in Roppongi. The view was great looking toward Tokyo Tower, and the number of TikTok’ers was testament to that too.







We capped off the night in another Ginza cocktail bar, this time the Music Bar, home to 3000+ records and a dedicated DJ. Nice strong, unique cocktails too 🙂

The Friday was one of those awkward days where we had until about 1pm before needing to head to the airport. We had a lazy morning and a Ginza brunch, and then made our way out. A final airport (not too bad) okonmyaki and it was on the plane home.





Mata ne Japan. See you soon.


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