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Jiggle Jiggle



Our last full day here in Kyoto. We didn’t have much left to do so to speak. I started the day with a bit of a cycle around the neighbourhood, and then we all got together to do a couple of last temples. First was Rinzaishu-Daihonzan, and then was to the classic Fushimi-Inari and it’s 1000’s of torii gates.

















We wandered there for a bit, heading up the mountain and away from most the crowds. Lunch was some street food near the temple, before doing a little bit of last minute ceramics shopping.

Madeline and I then decided to head back to Osaka. We wanted to visit Dotonbori to soak up the neon and craziness, but top of the agenda was Rikuro’s Cheesecake. Why? They are one of the new Japanese sweet sensations… Jiggly Cheesecake!






We were super lucky to find the department store that had them freshly baked with a relatively short queue. Woo! So we waited and saw them in all their glory. And yes, they jiggle! How did they taste? Their appearance didn’t match the taste. They looked like cheesecake but were much more eggy, milky soufflé. But delicious!! We bought two 🙂

It was then off to Dotonbori for some takoyaki before heading back to Kyoto.










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