A Wedding Gift From Canada

I'm a Pirate!

I’m a Pirate!

Hi everyone!

Here is a post for you all a bit out of left field, and quite a few months since I last wrote. When I left you, Kate and I had returned from Antarctica with a crazy amount of stories of penguins and seals and ice and swims and whales and kayaking and things that you only dream about. A massive part of our experience was thanks to G Adventures and the amazing crew of the MS Expedition and how much they looked after us and helped us have such an incredible time. I thought it was appropriate to write a short epilogue to let you know a little bit more about G Adventures and how they have helped make it the best honeymoon ever.

The MS Expedition, our ship that we travelled on, had two flags flying proudly during the trip. One, the ships flag, and the other a G Adventures pirate flag that Kate and I both fell in love with. Instantly we thought something like that would be an awesome memento of our trip, but put it to the back of our minds as we headed south. It was towards the end of our journey that an out of the blue opportunity to get our hands on said pirate flag emerged. During a charity auction on the boat, the pirate flag was up for grabs! We were super excited and bid hard with gusto, deciding it was meant to be. Sadly, we were continually being outbid by another passenger, and when the price went quite a bit beyond what we really wanted to pay, we called it quits. A bit of asking about the crew to try and source another flag came up empty handed. Alas, it seemed it wasn’t meant to be after all.

On our return home, I decided to drop G Adventures a quick message, just to see if there was a chance of getting my hands on a flag. It was going to be a long shot, but I thought, hey why not give it a crack. So I sent a message through their website, telling my story of our trip and honeymoon, and hoping that it would get through to someone who may be able to help. But you know how it is… web contact forms don’t typically fill one with confidence.

Lo and behold, a day or so later I got an email from Lyndon from G. What was I thinking when I sent my message? Of course, being G Adventures, I should have expected a reply and something amazing, and that is what I got. Lyndon loved my story and instantly sent me a photo of the EXACT right pirate flag, letting me know that he would be more than happy to send one my way. And not only that, some t-shirts for both Kate and I would be in the package as well. The email was classic G Adventures… funny, caring, and eager to help all at once. Lyndon got our tee sizes and popped his generous gift into the mail.

With both Valentine’s Day and Kate’s birthday only a few weeks away, I was looking forward to the big surprise. I was going to score major brownie points!

Unfortunately it didn’t arrive my mid-Feb. Or March. Or April. Oh man… the package had gone missing. I kept Lyndon up to date and all the time he offered to resend another one whenever I thought it was officially lost. Then, one day a week or so ago, about 3.5 months later, I get a call from Kate, who had ducked home to see our new puppy at lunch time. I couldn’t quite follow what she was saying, but she seemed a bit overwhelmed. What I got out of her was that a package from G Adventures had arrived for me, and that on the declaration it said it contained a flag. She couldn’t help but open it! And she was blown away by the surprises that were inside…

We are now officially G Adventures Pirates

We are now officially G Adventures Pirates

Inside was 4 tees and the best honeymoon memento we could imagine… our very own G Adventures Pirate Flag. Needless to say it is going to take pride of place in our house. We are now officially G Adventures pirates!

So apologies everyone if this reads like a bit of an advertisement, but Kate and I have had nothing but the best times with G Adventures, and this bit of customer service just exemplifies them for us. It might be a relatively little thing, but to us it meant a lot, and means that our already perfect honeymoon became even more so. Thanks Lyndon and everyone at G for your generosity and contributing to yet another amazing travel memory. See you all again soon 🙂

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