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a bit different from the last lot of blog posts hey?

the view from our hotel. a bit different from the last lot of blog posts hey?


One of the tough things about air travel is the unpredictability of things.

Yesterday we took hours to check in at the small Ushuaia airport, and this morning, having seen Jorge Newberry airport busy on our way down to Ushuaia originally, we got there early. Sure enough we were checked in in 2 minutes and had a couple of hours of sitting around to do.

Anyway, we eventually got on our last main destination flight, to Iguazu Falls. Iguazu is on the corner of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay and is the second largest waterfall in the world. We had a few days before we had to head home, so why not pay a visit?

our digs for the next few days

our digs for the next few days

We arrived no problems in to the tiny airport mid afternoon and went to our hotel. This was an extravagance in our trip, as rather than stay in the nearby town, we decided to stay at the one hotel inside the park. It is a bit pricy, but given you can watch the waterfalls until nightfall, when everyone else is out side the park, and can hear the constant rushing of water and the noise of the jungle, why wouldn’t you stay there?





matt has a bright idea

matt has a bright idea

We enjoyed a late lunch soaking up the environment, and then got out for a couple of hours to see some of the smaller falls. While we were inside the park, hotel guests can’t wander about at their own leisure, so we had to be back by about 6pm.

That was OK, we were both still tired and happy to just get out and about a little before a couple of big days.





It was funny to come across the very friendly, if quite aggresive wildlife. These guys were cute but then would try and grab food of visitors, leading to some startled children. There was also the odd lizard that just decided to wander about.

freaky bird

freaky bird

Being in the jungle we were starting to come across a number of cool birds. My mind was still trying to get around the fact that were were almost in the exact opposite to our recent expedition. From ice to jungle in a matter of days. Surreal.





IMG_0202The rest of the night was just enjoying the sunset on the falls and some drinks before bed time. Exploration awaited.

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