Lazy Days By The Sea

strike a pose

strike a pose

The call to prayer from the nearby mosque (yep, there was a nearby mosque) woke me briefly at about 4am, but then it was quickly back to sleep for another few hours sleep. The emerging light didn’t really worry me, rather the temperature starting to creep up and being on the boat’s roof meant that it started to get warm pretty quickly.

Oh well, that must just mean it is time for breakfast! Again our awesome crew put together a good meal for us and we sat and had our morning start as the captain drove us out to explore some more of the small islands. Quite quickly we moored and then it was swim time again! Who needs a shower when you have the Mediterranean?

A few of us spent the next hour or more just floating in the beautiful waters, taking it nice and easy. We spied another turtle doing his thing, but we left him alone and just floated on our pool noodles and soaked up our situation. Kate, myself, and the few others from the group that were floating together were all feeling pretty special.

But by this point it was getting to late morning and we had to motor back to shore. We said farewell to the boat and hello again to the bus. But it wasn’t for long as we went to a beach side restaurant to just hang out on the beach again for another hour. Now THIS was a nice pace to be traveling at!

This was a rocky beach like all of them, but there was hardly a soul around, so we all just claimed a deck chair and chilled out. I took the opportunity to spend yet more time in the water. I know that when I get back home I am not feeling sea/ocean water this temperature again!

Well and truly water logged we headed to our home for the night, the seaside tourist town of Kas. This is quite a charming little village… definitely more touristy, but with a charm of quaint seaside villages rather than big tourist traps.

sitting up top in the amphitheatre

sitting up top in the amphitheatre

After freshening up a but, Kate and I went exploring. Just a short walk from the centre of town was an ancient Greek amphitheatre that dated back to about 1st century BC. It had clearly had some restoration work done, but it was crazy to think it was just sitting there casually, for everyone to climb all over.

the view from the top

the view from the top

They did put it in a great spot though, with the audience being able to look out over the sea.

kate was happy to pose...

kate was happy to pose…


... while I just wanted to jump

… while I just wanted to jump

As there was really no one about, we took the opportunity for some fun snaps. Even though it was super hot and sweaty, there is always time for shenanigans.

The rest of the town was cobbled streets, cafes and tourist shops. We just decided to get some ice cream and sit down at the marina and enjoy the shade. Why shop when you can eat ice cream?

mmm... mixed seafood

mmm… mixed seafood

The lazy afternoon culminated in another group dinner, at another seafood restaurant of course. What else would we have? I had the mixed seafood grill, which was calamari, shrimp, and swordfish. Overall not too bad, although swordfish isn’t really my thing.

kas at night

kas at night

It seemed most of us had hit the point in the trip where heading out to have a drink every night wasn’t a priority any longer, and we were happy to find a nice little spot to just relax. A cool little tea house was discovered in a back alley and we enjoyed some chai and chatted until sleep was all we really wanted.

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