From the West to the East

hello from istanbul!

hello from istanbul!


Just a quick boring one to recap Friday 8th August. I promise you, Saturday 9th is much more exciting, but you need to hear about the 8th first.

There is not really much to say actually, except, that we said goodbye to Edinburgh and made our way to the airport. We were on our way to one of the most eastern parts of Europe… Turkey! Specifically, we were flying into Istanbul to hang for a few days before jumping on a quick 2 week tour of the country.

Again, an uneventful flight was the order of the day, and before we knew it, we had landed in busy Istanbul airport. Seemed it is quite the hub, as it was an interesting mix of locals, Europeans, and Koreans it seemed. But we got through immigration nice and quickly (they didn’t seem too interested in our stories) and we were then in downtown Istanbul.

mmm... kebab

mmm… kebab

Since it was fairly late by the time all of this happened (including the time difference) we really only had a chance to check in to our hotel and then find some dinner. Mmmm…. Turkish food. Be prepared to see many more photos of this everyone.

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