Where VW Beetles Come to Die

Viva Mexico!

Viva Mexico!

Buenos Dias! Or Buenos Tardes or Buenos Noches depending on when you are reading this. Here is the first of a bunch of catch up posts, although wi-fi is flakier here than in Cancun, so we shall see how we go.

Last I posted was about cenotes and swimming. That night was another group dinner. I thought just to prove we were in Mexico, it was worth showing a photo of us wearing big sombreros and drinking mescal. Sure there was pictures of Chichen Itza, but I know you have all been holding out for this, so here it is.

On to today! Today was just a travel day. I shouldn’t say just a travel day as it was a LONG travel day. 9 hours we were going to be spending in a bus to get from gorgeous Merida to jungle surrounded Palenque. We knew there were going to be a few of these long ones, so got a bunch of snacks and settled in to our comfy bus.

Not much to report really. The bus ride went well. I found myself getting sucked into watching the movies they were showing on the TV’s in the bus. They were dubbed in Spanish, however I have a sneaking suspcicion that watching either Battleship, or some Adam Sandler movie where he plays himself and his twin sister, would not have improved if in English.

What I must say though is that Mexico is clearly where old VW Beetles come to die. Kate introduced me to a game called “Punch Buggy” where we punch each other on the arm when we see one. Well, a conservative estimate of punches during the trip would be in the hundreds. They are EVERYWHERE.

At about 6:00pm we arrived into our jungle lodgings. No photos yet as it was dark and a little wet. The night was spent in the connected restaurant. Some more tasty local food and Kate and I decided to call it a night early for a change and let the others drink into the night themselves.

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