The Real Cancun

Relaxing Downtown Cancun style

Relaxing Downtown Cancun style

Hello again!

When we left you last I was catching up on posts while settling in after arriving at Cancun. We were too tired to do anything, so just settled in for the night. However we had a free day before starting our G Adventures tour, so after a very late start decided to hit the town.

When we mentioned we were going to Cancun, some people gave us strange looks… their understanding of the city being a bunch of drunken tourists raving on the beach. I was not sure if we were going to be seeing that, but our afternoon stroll confirmed that it (thankfully) wasn’t going to be the case.

Downtown Cancun monument

Downtown Cancun monument

We were staying in the start hotel for our tour, which was located not on the beach, but in downtown Cancun. And I imagine there is quite a contrast to where we were staying and the beach strip. While downtown Cancun was fine, it much more resembles what you think of Mexico, rather than Cancun as such. Street vendors, run down buildings, lots of cervesa being drunk on the street.

That's a big Christmas tree

That’s a big Christmas tree

It was great to now feel like we were in Mexico, but alas there was not too much to see. Christmas was in full force, but otherwise, downtown Cancun is not somewhere I imagine many tourists spending much time.

That was fine, we settled into a sidewalk eatery and ordered tacos and beer. What else do you do on a warm Saturday afternoon? And it was delicious. I imagine that is something I will be saying quite a bit, but it was nice to have some chorizo tacos and ice cold beer. Mmm.

From there we wandered the rest of the arvo then back to the hotel, to meet our tour group for the first time. The eclectic bunch of Aussies, Germans, Brits, a Chinese lass, and a Hong Kong lad that we were was a good range of ages, one in which some fun will be had. Deiber, our Costa Rican tour leader was young and full of enthusiasm. Over a group dinner we all got to know each other a little better, but just enough to fill our bellies and then head back for the night for the next early rise.

Oh, and time enough to wander Cancun some more and share in our first group Mescal shots 🙂

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