London, City of Culture


Hi all. Friday is upon us!

After the Oxford shenanigans, it was staying in old London Town today. We had some tickets for the evening, but I’ll get to that.

There are some places you pretty much have to visit every time you go somewhere, and the British Museum is one. We knew we had to spend some time there and Friday was the day, so off we legged it yet again to our trusty tube station, with time for some more photo hijinx on the way…

Hey! That’s me!

Losing my head

It is when you visit places like the British Museum you really get a sense for a, how much history and culture we DON’T have back home, and b, how crappy our museum is. To be fair we don’t have access to the array of goodies, but THIS is what a museum should be.

One of the best places in London

We didn’t have a plan really, we just decided we were going to wander. And wander we did, taking in our own favourite parts… the sculpture, the Egyptian antiquities, Rosetta Stones… you name it. We didn’t snap too many photos as what are you really to do? Best off just soaking it all up than try and take endless photos. But we did have time to disrespect some works of art…

Did someone say “walk like an egyptian”?

Here’s looking at you kid

Here’s looking at you kid

Who’s a good boy! Yes you are!

Insert tasteless joke about cats here (sorry Damien and Anna)

With some history under our belts it was time to wander back toward Kate’s folks hotel, via some shopping. Neither of us was that interested in doing much, but I did have to look after the niece and nephews back home. So with some trips to London Olympic stores, as well as Hamleys, we all met up for a quick bite of dinner for our next cultural event… Shakespeare!

Where the magic happens

Yep, it was off to the famed Globe Theatre for some historical Shakespeare action. On the menu was Kate’s favourite, Henry V. Now I was a touch excited as I was a complete Globe newbie. I had walked past countless times in my visits to London, but never been in. So I was really looking forward to experiencing the famed theatre.

The crowd waits in anticipation

And experience is what you do. It’s not just a play, but it is about soaking up the old feel of the theatre, the wooden (somewhat uncomfortable) seats, and the general atmosphere.

And so what did I think? I had a ball. I knew a bit about the play but most was fresh and it was a blast. That Shakespeare dude had a wicked sense of humour along with reverence for history I must say 🙂

3 hours zoomed by and it was time to head home. That is a whole lot of culture for one day.

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