Into the Blue (White?) Lagoon

No funny captions needed… I’m sure the picture speaks for itself

Hallo! Today has been a relaxing day in every sense of the word. So let’s get to it.

We had a lazy morning and checked out of our tour accommodation, into the hotel for our final night here in Reykjavik. Kinda sad to be thinking we were heading out tomorrow, but we are bound for London-town, so all is still magnificent in my neck of the woods.

We had done pretty much all of what we set out to do here in Reykjavik (and Iceland in general)… well all but one thing. We had heard mixed things about The Blue Lagoon, a hot springs complex just out of town. Some said too touristy, too expensive… but everyone seemed to say regardless of those things the place was pretty spectacular. So of course we had to do it!

The Blue Lagoon awaits

So off we set from Reykjavik, through the lava rock landscapes, to a complex in seemingly the middle of nowhere. The only give away was the plumes of steam ascending upward. On our arrival we were greeted with some sample of the blue waters awaiting within.

In my Hugh Hefner phase

In we went, and ponied up the not unsubstantial entry fee. With a quick detour through the change and shower rooms, we were greeted with a huge white-blue lagoon area. More white than blue really. But in I dipped my toe… oh yeah! My toe nearly melted… the water was a glorious 38 degrees or so. So in we both went.

Kate’s face says it all

Instantly we knew we weren’t going anywhere for the next few hours. We grabbed drinks from the bar (mmm… nice Skyr Smoothies) and relaxed in the glorious waters.

… and Kate clearly wasn’t going anywhere fast

The complex was full of other rancho-relaxo elements… steam rooms, waterfalls, and handy white mud to plaster ourselves in. Well, when in Rome huh?

And you thought the top picture was scary

And the pampering starts…

We also partook in some extra pampering courtesy of volcano scrubs and algae mud packs. It was hilarious to be wandering around the complex with every second person rocking a mud-packed face. Seems everyone was in the relaxing mood.

Kate takes a “Mother Theresa” time out

I kept on with the scary mud packs

A few hours disappeared too quickly and we headed back into the city. It was definitely worth it to visit… it was just what we needed after a hectic week of travelling around this glorious country.

But now time to get ourselves all sorted for the trip to olde London. On the way back to our hotel we passed Gyllti Kötturinn, or “The Golden Cat. Nothing exciting about it… just thought it was kind cool is all.

This one’s for Damien and Anna

So takk all for reading about our Icelandic adventures… see you in London!


  1. AyakoGlen
    July 9, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    Hey Matt. A bird pood on your face. Maybe it was a giant puffin!!!!

  2. M M
    July 10, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    The creature from the black lagoon?

  3. blackwoxs
    July 12, 2012 at 6:28 pm

    That’s one very scary face shot, Young Matt (the first and last 🙂


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