I call bull

Yee haw folks. Another entry from freakin-hot Denver.

Yep. It is currently 106 degrees fahrenheit right now (so 41 degrees in our language). But don’t fret folks. It is happy hour once again and I have a beer in my hand. A local brew that is much like a Newcastle Brown for those playing at home. Mmmm.

Anyway, I thought I’d drop a blog post now as I am off to shenanigans tonight and most likely won’t post again today. So figured I’d share my initial thoughts of Denver now that I have been for a wander.

Started the day with a sleep in. Yep. Not counting my chickens, but no jet-lag last night. Slept straight through from midnight to 9am. Fingers crossed for a repeat performance tonight. Had a hotel brekky with some other conference folks and then went out into the heat to see what Denver had to offer.

It is a fairly nondescript city to be honest. To be fair though I have only seen what is in wandering distance from the main city area, but it has been overwhelmingly places to eat, places to eat, and more places to eat. Wandering the 16th St Mall, it was way more eating than shopping. Which is a bummer. Not that I want to shop really, but more interested in poking around some stores than eating. I did come across some interesting things in my travels.

Playin’ some piano on a glorious day

These folks were singing up a storm down the 16th St Mall. Seems as though there is a bunch of public pianos about which is cool. Not sure what song these guys were jamming, but it was better than the dude massacring Hey Jude I saw later on.

Hello? Anyone home?

Found this big dude just peeking in to the Denver Convention Centre. I had a look inside… couldn’t quite work out what he was looking at.

Seems as though they have a massive litter problem here

Came across the Denver Art Museum by chance. Woo! Closed on Mondays. Boo. Oh well, should find time to get there given it is close. Out front was this massive piece of public art. Pretty cool. What I liked more was the accompanying plaque…

I don’t follow no rules man!

No fondling the broom! What kind of deviant place was I visiting! I did blame the broom though for the degradation of contemporary morals such that I wasn’t allowed to fondle it. Oh well.

I hope there is no precedent for using this place

I also came across my local fallout shelter. Unfortunately capacity is only 20 people, so as soon as I hear any news I best get my ass down there.

OK. All that is well and good, but part of my agenda today was to find a Burger King. Why on earth would I want to go there?!?! I hear you ask. Well, because of… BACON SUNDAES. Yes, you read right. They have a Bacon Chocolate Fudge Sundae on the menu now. Holy yowsers. Of course I had to eat one!

So I found my nearest one, and promisingly was greeted with this…

Oh man… bacon free wi-fi? I like my wi-fi with bacon dammit.

Bacon! Oh yeah, it was going to happen. So in I go and proudly announce my order. “One bacon sundae please!!”. Then it happened. “Sorry sir, the ice cream machine has just broken down. Would you like something else?”. Nooooooooooo! Denied!!! My heart sank. No bacon sundae today. Oh well, I have a few days to get my taste buds on one.

With that disappointment out of the way, I fulfilled my second objective… to get my hands on a ticket for shenanigans tonight. This was a success. A little more than what I wanted to pay, but when in Denver…

Oh yeah, it’s the 80’s here in Denver

Be prepared for (hopefully) a shenanigan filled update tomorrow…


  1. June 27, 2012 at 1:05 am

    Denial of bacon sundae. Let’s hope it’s not a sign of things too come. It would not be a muttler blog without copious weird food shenanigans! 😉

  2. batmanisnotgay
    June 27, 2012 at 9:25 am

    I trust you will be trying to make a return or scour the city for a working bacon machine!


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