Kit Kat Review: Cola and Lemon

And today we have a two-for-one deal…

Cola and Lemon. Separate? Together?

Cola and Lemon Kit Kat.

No, it is not some weird hybrid flavour. In my box, you get a large two-finger kit kat of each flavour. Bonus!

I found this in a convenience store in Tokyo on my last day. It must have been brand new as I swear I was just in that convenience store a few days before, and I know that EVERY store I went into I checked for kit kats. But I lucked out I guess. They only had a couple of packs, so I picked them up, not really knowing what I was buying (although the box wasn’t that ambiguous).

Opening up, you find one of each… no prizes for guessing which one was which. Let’s start with Lemon.

Let's start with lemon

Opening up, you really know it is lemon. The colour and the smell. It is a really citrusy smell to it which is cool, and certainly lemon (unlike the citrus blend).

That's lemon alright.

The bright yellow says yep, white chocolate base. Oh well, the milk chocolate of the soybean was fun while it lasted.

Mmmm... fizzy

Biting in the fun continues. There is definitely some kind of sherbet in the wafer as there is fizzy element to it. It helps highten the lemon soda vibe and is a nice change, although it also makes it taste that artificial lemon taste. Whereas the citrus blend felt a little more natural, this is certainly a fake lemon. Kind of like what lemon lollies or jellies might be like. Because of this, I think eating one of these is good, but eating a bag full would be a bit much. certainly odd though.

Taste: 3 / 5

Strangeness: 3.5 / 5

Now to the cola…


It is a lot of the same experience as the lemon.

That's an odd brown colour

Opening up you get a really pale brown. So it is certainly a white chocolate base, made to look more cola-ish. Maybe milk chocolate wouldn’t get the taste they needed, but why not go with it? The smell of this one is even stronger, a real cola sensation. Like the lemon though, it reeks of “fake” cola. This one smelled like cola cordial.

More fizz

Biting in and the fake cola continued. It was just like a cola jelly lolly. Just like the coke bottle lollies I used to eat. Just like the lemon, there was some kind of sherbet. My first bite I didn’t really get it, but then next bite it came through.

I liked this more than the lemon, mainly because I used to love those coke bottle lollies. But again, it is not one I would go back for too often I think. Great to try and have a few fingers, but not a flavour I would go back to too often I don’t think.

Taste: 3.5 / 5

Strangeness: 3.5 / 5

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