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Slovenia… Hunting the Invasion of Ljubljana

07/09/2023 – 10/09/2023

Another Ljubljana post? Yep. But this one is dedicated to my efforts to try and track down many of the Invader tile mosaics scattered around the city. We chanced upon one on our first afternoon and that reminded me that Invader had indeed (somewhat) recently done an invasion of Ljubljana. In fact it turns out it was his second.

This website ended up being the key to my success, so all credit to Gregor for this amazing resource!

All in all, I found 25 of what I think is 42 in the city. There was one that I knew was behind scaffolding, another in the Tivoli Mansion which was under renovation, and another I just couldn’t spot for the life of me. So that is not a bad haul on foot in just a couple of days! Check out this collection… I especially love how the Ljubljana Dragon was such a strong feature.



























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