man versus kit kat

Hi Ireland!


We had a very early morning and it was off to the train station to start our journey out of the UK and off to Ireland! A couple of trains and we were in Holyhead, and then the ferry got us arriving into Dublin.

We picked up our car and headed out of the city. We would be back at the end and have time to explore Dublin, but for now it was off to the countryside.

Very quickly we were on narrow roads and subjected to relentless GREEN in the countryside 🙂

On our way to the first night’s accommodation in Delgany, we visited Glendalough, an old monastic site nestled amongst trees and lakes. Quite the introduction! We then wound our way to our cute digs for the night… a great way to spend the first night, enjoying a pint of Guinness (the first of many…)









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