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Cliffs of Moher


A driving day to head north, away from the Ring of Kerry and further up the west coast. It was a combo of a driving day but mostly a day to visit the Cliffs of Moher.

Alas it was our first main day of rain. It settled in on the drive and was well set in when we got to the cliffs. We still parked nearby and made our way to the view points. Ha! We couldn’t see much at all! We had been supremely lucky to this point and our luck ran out a little. Thankfully the rain did stop and we got some breaks in the clouds to see some of the spectacular cliffs.

We also planned to do a ferry cruise to see the cliffs from the water, but the weather was not kind. So we decided to settle into the pub for a bit and wait it out for an hour. And what do you know! After a pint the weather cleared up and we headed out on a boat to see the cliffs from below.

Our accommodation was a cute B&B in the hills where we settled for the night.













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