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Milan Adventures

12/04/2023 – 22/04/2023

Off on the next part of my research sabbatical! This was a reasonably quick visit to some colleagues at the University of Milan. Unlike Seattle, this was just a week and a half to catch up and discuss some future work.

While there I got to explore Milan. It was my first visit which was exciting and it also coincided with Design Week. Ha!

So here is a bunch of the usual tourist pics, along with some Design Week shenanigans. Oh, it was also my birthday during this time, so I went to the original Campari bar and had some cocktails 🙂

The highlights…

1. Duomo








2. Castle





3. San Siro!







4. Design Week









5. Campari Cocktails








6. Random












7. The Last Supper









8. Fondazione Prada and Bar Luce (Wes Anderson designed cafe!)











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