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A New Stamp in the Passport

a taste of what's to come

a taste of what’s to come



After a week of crazy shenanigans, it was time to leave the Disney bubble and depart the good ole US of A. Being a Sunday morning, we had a super smooth run to the airport, dumping the car and heading to the international check in. We were off to Costa Rica!

Our good run continued with another smooth flight down to San Jose. It was only a quick 3hrs, which was nice after our last travel day, and were greeted by Eric, a G Adventures rep at the airport. With a friendly Costa Rican welcome, we were whisked downtown to our hotel in San Jose.

Sadly, our run of good weather came to an end, as we were greeted with torrential downpours arriving at the hotel. While we could have ventured out into it, we decided to just check in to our room and chill for a few hours before it would be time to meet the rest of our travel crew.

So at 6pm, we had our first tour group meeting. Andreas was to be our guide for the next couple of weeks. As we expect with G Adventures, he was a sweet friendly guy, ready to help and lead us on our adventure. The tour group was a mix of mostly Brits, with a couple of Canadians, a couple of Germans, and even another Melburnian. The age was probably a bit older than expected, but maybe being a National Geographic branded tour, that meant it was aimed a little more at a specific clientele.

We had a relaxing night, having dinner in the hotel and getting to know one another a little, before calling a relatively early night, ready for an early morning of adventure.

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