The name is Butler… Matt Butler

Yeah, I’m pretty suave huh?

And hello again! Yep, lots of posts in succession. I’m trying to get some down before I jet off tomorrow, so here is Saturday!

Given we had a late night at the Globe the previous night we started the day nice and slow. We did however have a good win first up. In our travels we had seen posters for a James Bond exhibition at the Barbican which we thought would be cool to visit. A casual check for tickets found we could get in late in the day so we scooped up some of those posthaste and set about working out our plan for the day leading up to that.

We decided it was another day for museum action, and both us think that the Victoria and Albert Museum is probably a close second to the British Museum. So that was our destination.

Rather than tube it there we decided to walk, so we could soak up the sights of London properly… Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the parks, the memorials… some of these things are cliche, and you take these things for granted a little, but they really do make London a really special place. So off we wandered…

It’s Big Ben!

Buckingham Palace!

Hanging out in the park

Rather than head straight to the museum, we decided to grab some lunch, then finish off a little shopping at Harrods. Yep, another cliche, but a good ace up your sleeve when shopping for presents. Lunch we had at Harvey Nichols and had this yummy platter. Mmmmmm it hit the spot…


But alas I didn’t end up ordering the martini (what was I thinking?!)…

I so regret not ordering this

In the end we only had an hour or two to wander the V&A. It is quite an odd museum in many respects. 15th century paintings are just across the hall from modern fashion. But it is what makes the V&A so unique and cool.

But enough of that… we had a date with Bond! So off we raced to the Barbican to make our 4:45pm entry time. The theme of the exhibition was 50 years of Style, but really it was just all things Bond… the designs, the fashions, and most importantly the gadgets. Everyone looooooves the gadgets.

The exhibition was pretty good. Spread out a bit strangely across the Barbican, but the content was cool. Alas we couldn’t take photos in the exhibition, so you will just have to make do with the picture of me looking all suave and sophisticated at the top of the blog entry.

The perfect end to a day

With that we were done for the day. Some Ben and Jerry’s goodness capped it off nicely.


  1. M M
    July 16, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    The quality of the Bond girls is not what it used to be! 😉

    1. July 17, 2012 at 10:52 am



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