More Food (what did you expect?)

Mmmm... Edamame

Just a quick one tonight. Not a whole lot to report… it was a quiet day with Masato and co. It is important to point out what I had for breakfast… toast. Yep, toast. After yesterday’s epic eating it was nice to settle in with some toast with jam. Don’t worry, that kind of eating didn’t last.

Ayako was keen to do some shopping in the new year sales, and I was interested in a visit to Uni Qlo so after a slow morning we wandered to the local shopping centre.

Happy Prices apparently

Like our Boxing Day, this is the big day for sales, just after New Year. Apparently the department stores in the city were going nuts, instead we opted for more low key local shopping centre.

The only thing I was keen to check out was Uni Qlo, a Japanese good quality but low price clothes store. A bit of perusing found me some clothes for work and a down jacket which I never expected I would buy but was really cheap and squashes up to next to nothing so will be ideal for winter footy action.

Mmmm... Sashimi

Another quiet few hours passed and then it was… more food. Yoshi was keen to take us out, so we headed off to a nearby Izakaya.

Mmmm... Takoyaki

For those of you who are not sure what Izakaya is, it is Japanese pub food, much like tapas is… lots of small plates of things to sample. And boy did we sample a lot.

Beer with the boys

One of my other favourite things in the world is when I eat out and don’t order a thing, other people take charge. And this is what happened tonight. A lot of just nodding my head and eating whatever ended up on the table. And it was all good.

Mmmm... some kind of grilled fish

A little disappointed there was no horse sashimi left (yep, you read right). Not because of what it was (the thought of eating it was actually going to be hard to get my head around) but just because I had never eaten it before and would possibly not get the chance again. Oh well, I can deal (and maybe it is for the best).

And that’s it really. A quiet day hanging out. Tomorrow I leave Fujiko and Yoshi’s house to check into a hotel in Nagoya city for the night. Glen, Ayako and I are heading out with more friends for more izakaya. Of course… more food 🙂

If I don’t blog tomorrow night, next installment will be from Kyoto. Sayonara!

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