Kit Kat Review: Intense Roast Soybean

Today it’s…


Intense Roast Soybean.

Intense you say?

This came as a box of 12 minis again from Tokyo Narita Airport. The box says they are Tokyo Limited flavour. Strange that I never found any around Tokyo at all.

Anyway, with a name like Intense Roast Soybean, that got me a bit excited. Intense! Soybean! Intense! Ha. Are they really calling the Kit Kat intense? That is a bit exciting to me.

Milk Chocolate! At last!

Opening the package up… finally, a milk chocolate kit kat! I was quite excited to finally have something not white chocolate. The smell was certainly the milk chocolate, but the “roast” in the title came through. More like some roast, burnt, grain or seed than soybean.


Eating it presented the same experience. The roast flavour was the dominant flavour, and again, like a roasted seed or grain. I am not sure the soybean flavour was evident to me. Miso and soy sauce for me had a bit more of the experience. What this kit kat presented was actually a really tasty roasty milk chocolate kit kat. It was like the wafer was roasted in a way.

I really really like this one. It is not intense, or at all strange I don’t think, but really delicious. Maybe is the fact I haven’t had a milk chocolate kit kat in a long time, but this was good. Not very sweet at all, so a whole box of these would be easy to eat.

Taste: 4 / 5

Strangeness: 2 / 5

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