visualisation example using webcola api (

visualisation example using webcola api (


Another of my research areas is in information visualisation, with a focus on visualisation of educational data, although it sometimes covers other contexts such as Emergency Management. Below is a summary of my main current project, as well as some past projects.


Current Project:

In order to promote peer interaction in online learning communities, this research seeks to combine learning analytics (LA) with information visualisation techniques, such as social network graphs, in order to help students form and maintain peer-learning communities.

The aim of the project is to develop an interactive profile visualisation to assist students to form peer-learning communities in online learning environments. It is the expectation that this tool will facilitate students in finding peers with which to form meaningful learning communities. LA and student network visualisations are beginning to emerge, however, their use could be greatly expended. Profiles are used extensively within social networks to find like-minded people, therefore their use could be significant in this context.

By analysing LA data, comprehensive profiles of students regarding their learning preferences and engagement may be created. Interactive visualisations of the student profiles of a class could allow students to discover peers with similar or complementary learning behaviours and subsequently form meaningful learning communities. These could help students find the right study partners, by identifying which students are potential partners in a peer learning community due to similar characteristics or engagement patterns. The project will visualise a students learning profile: a) For students to have an understanding of their engagement pattern; b) For students to gain an understanding of peers who may have a similar or complementary set of characteristics or engagement patterns; c) To facilitate their connection with other students; and d) For academics to have a picture of the health of the learning community.

This project is still in the initial stages, but progress and publications arriving from this project will be updated on this page.


Previous Projects:

I have investigated another visualisation project, including

  • Use of Information Visualisation techniques for visualising Emergency Management Command and Control Structures – This research investigates how Information Visualisation and Adaptive Diagram techniques be used to effectively represent and manage Command and Control structures for emergency incident situations. Australian emergency organisations command structres are based on AIIMS principles, however formal means for visualising these principles for use in the field do not exist. The research looked at suitable visualisation techniques and how these techniques could be integrated into an emergency simulation platform.


You can find a list of publications arising from this and other work on my publications page here.